Push up needles

Push up needles

Push up needles (Die Ejector Pins) are used for the ejection of the die from the wafer tape prior to the die pick up. This process allows the die collet to pick up the die. The number of pins used in this process depends on the size of the die. MPP designs and manufactures various needle shapes at different radius sizes.

 MPP ejector needles are designed to reduce the possibility of tape contamination & micro-cracking during die ejection.

  • For small die applications, use sub-micron grade carbide which prevents tip chipping
  • For larger die/non-piercing ejection, we recommend wear resistant carbide and an enlarged radius to reduce micro-cracking

Our needles offer top performance at a low cost combined with our accurate automatic machining process.

Push Up Needle

Model 40405

*Dimensions in the table are for reference only. For available P/N please contact your local representative.

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