Flip Chip Tools

Flip-Chip Tools

MPP is a leading manufacturer of high precision tools for a wide range of flip-chip applications. MPP offers top performance at low cost combined with accurate automatic machining processes, thus providing the best solutions to our customers. Our wide array of tools are designed to fit all types of machines in the market.

 The automatic flip-chip process has 4 steps:

 1) The first tool picks up the die with the bumps on the top

 2) The die is flipped upside down

 3) The second tool picks up the die with the bumps on the bottom

 4) The die is bonded to its substrates

 MPP offers a wide selection of Flip-chip Tools suitable to support a wide range of solutions. Custom-made designs are available upon request.

Our Flip-Chip tools are made of various materials, such as plastics and metals, depending upon the specific application specification.

 Common tool type:

  • Die Pick-Up Tools

These tools are typically used for the first step of the flip-chip process.  A cavity or a collet tool type can be used. Read More...

  • A “Shower Head”

A “Shower Head” is a surface tool made from softer materials, such as: Vespel, Torlon, Delrin, Teflon & PVC, to prevent deforming the bumps.

  • Standard Flat Face

These tools are used to hold the die between the bumps.

  • Unique Pick-Up Flip-Chip

The shape and length of these tools are designed to optimize the transmissions of the ultrasonic when the die is bonded to its substrate.

For ultra-sonic or eutectic bonding, flip-chip tools give the best gripping capability due to their 4-sided pyramid geometry.

  1. Special Designs
  • MPP is well known for its engineering expertise and manufacturing flexibility. We are able to develop and design tools for your specific applications.

  • By using our Flip Chip Tools, you will benefit from:

- A wide selection of flip-chip tools suitable for most flip-chip bonders

- Custom design of special tools for unique assembly processes

- Short lead time

 - High quality tools



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