Four Points Probe

Four Points Probe

MPP is a leading supplier of Four Point Probe heads for measurement of resistivity on wafers and on thin conductive films.

Our probe heads have been used for many years all over the world on the most well-known wafer resistivity measuring equipment.

 We manufacture complete and complex probe head assemblies (body, wiring and needles) on high precision customized equipment.

With years of experience, our expert technicians assemble high accuracy best-in-class quality probe heads. Flexible production schedules allow for short lead time.

 Spacing between needles is available from 0.635mm to 1.591 mm (with tight tolerance: +/-0.005mm).

Needle pressure is available from 50g to 200g (with a tight tolerance of +/-1g).

 Upon request, we supply needles only. Our needles known for their excellent quality and very fine polishing. Needle tip radius varies from 0.025mm to 0.635mm.


Micro Point Pro LTD.
P.O Box 332
Yokneam Elite, 2066722, Israel

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