Surface Mount Technology

Surface Mount Technology

MPP offers surface mount technology tools for conventional process and/or for customized process per specific applications.

 MPP delivers improved productivity due to a unique material combination and an accurate design enabling:

  - Less vacuum detection errors

 -  Reduced component drops

  - Better optical recognition with non-reflective ceramic and even with metal parts

 MPP is positioned as the market leader for SMT tools due to:

  • Quality - high geometrical accuracy and repeatability which meet the strict standards of the semiconductor industry
  • Design flexibility and capabilities to meet diverse application challenges
  • Material – MPP’s unique ceramic tip can be combined with a wide range of materials (i.e. plastic, metal) that improve tool performance and increase productivity
  • Best "value to price" ratio - innovative ceramic nozzle allows longer life span at a competitive price


Micro Point Pro LTD.
P.O Box 332
Yokneam Elite, 2066722, Israel

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