Fluid Dispensing Tools

Fluid Dispensing Tools

Micro-Point Pro excels in the design and manufacture of various types of dispensing nozzles for customized applications.
Our dispensing nozzles are designed for accurate dispensing of the glue onto the substrate which helps to prevent inconsistent epoxy problems like tailing, bridging, voids and insufficient epoxy coverage. This enables our customers to achieve superior dispensing performance. The complete set of nozzles and adaptors is available for all types of
bonders in the market.

 The common tool designs are:

  • Writer Nozzle Pen
  • Shower Head / Multi-Needle Nozzle
  • V-Groove / U-Groove Nozzle Shape

The dispensing tools can be designed for ESEC, ASM or any other Die-Attach machine.

 In many cases, it is essential to use customized and adjustable adaptors. MPP has developed a manufacturing process that ensures that its adaptors are accurate, thus  preventing leakage and allowing for a smooth dispensing process.

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