Die Collet

Die Collet

The die-attach process takes place prior to wire bonding. The selected die is placed in a package and mechanically connected using either eutectic or adhesive die attach methods. Die collets are used when the process requires high accuracy for the positioning of the die. They allow for minimal contact between the die and the attachment tool and provide a strong grip, especially in the eutectic die bonding.

MPP’s long standing relationship with our customers coupled with advanced engineering, design capabilities, and manufacturing know-how, allow us to provide our customers with a wide range of die collet tools.

  • Open Collet – is used during the placement process when there is limited clearance between the die and other components as well as when the die surface is uneven
  • Close Collet – is used during the placement process when there is no clearance constraint between the die and other components.

With our limitless selection of tools, our customers will benefit from:

  • High accuracy in die placement, eliminating die tilt
  • Minimum contact with die surface, advantageous with sensitive dies
  • Appropriate shank style
  • Strong gripping, suitable especially for the Eutectic die bonding process

    Die Collet Geometry Description and Abbreviation

    DL       - Die Length                                      PW       - Pocket Width

    DW      - Die Width                                       PD        - Pocket Depth

    DT       - Die Thickness                                F           - Facet Thickness

    DE       - Die Standard Engagement            VF         - Vertical Relief.

     L         - Tool Length                                   H           - Hole diameter

     Pa       - Pocket Angle                                 Basic    - Inverted Pyramid

     PL       - Pocket Length                               ICR       - Internal Corner Relief

     IPCR   - Internal Pyramid Corner Relief      ECR     - External Corner Relief   

    Die Collet Design Considerations: 

    1. Die dimensions definition
    • Die Width x Die Length x Die Thickness

    Note: Die dimensions that are specified should be those measured after wafer sawing.

    1. Die engagement

    Part of the die that fits into the cavity of the pocket

    1. Interference considerations
      • Closed collet - Is used when there is enough clearance between the die and the neighboring items
      • Open Collet - Is used when there is not enough clearance between the die and the neighboring items
    2. Vertical Relief

    Used when there is a small clearance between the die and the components

    Placed around it either on the die pick up station or on the die Bonding sight .

    1. Machine type
    • Appropriate shank style.
    • Overall tool length.


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