Fine Wire Wedge Bonding Tools

Fine Wire Wedge Bonding Tools

  • MPP is a leading supplier of wedges for wire interconnections in microelectronics.
  • MPP is a world leader in Fine Wire Wedges. These are used to bond Aluminum, Gold, or Copper wires of up to 75 um diameters.
  • MPP offers more than 25 years of experience in Fine Wire Wedges, previously under the Micro-Swiss brand name.
  • MPP designs and supplies a wide range of Fine Wire Wedges, suitable for manual and automatic wedge bonder models.
  • MPP provides innovative, customized and unique designs that optimize bonding performance.
  • MPP delivers competitive top-of-the-class high-repeatability quality wedges at competitive prices in short lead times.
  • MPP Fine Wire Wedges range from Fine Pitch Wedges to Ultra Fine Pitch Wedges (35 um pitch with a 20 um wire), as well as Deep Access Wedges, Chip On Board ( COB) Wedges, Notch Wedges for microwave applications, and Ribbon Wedges.

    Wedge Geometry Description and Abbreviations
    Ha Hole Angle L Wedge Length   
    Fa  Funnel Angle    W Width Size 
    Ca Clearance Angle S Throat Size
    G Groove Location FR Front Radius
    GW Groove Width BR Back Radius
    GD Groove Depth CD Concave Depth
    LGW Linear Groove Width H Hole Diameter
    LGD Linear Groove Depth BL Bond Length
    VSRh Vertical Side Relief Height VSRw Vertical Side Relief Width
    F Wedge Foot = BL + 2/3 x FR    

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