Thin Film Coatings

Thin Film Coatings

MPP specializes in the field of thin protective glasslike coatings using state-of-the-art HVCS Technology (high voltage cold sputtering). Operating at low temperatures of 30°-150°C, this unique and patented combination of low temperature and high voltage creates an amorphous thin film. A variety of ceramic and metal coatings are available.

HV Cold Sputtering is a preferred coating option for applications in microelectronics, optics, medical, aerospace, machining tools and precision mechanics.

Advantages include:

Increases wear resistance and prolongs life span of bonding tools, cutting and machining tools, gears, bearings and plastic molds.

Provides anti-corrosive coating and increases surface protection in aggressive environmental conditions.

Commonly used on optical reflectors (aluminum & silver), materials glued together (composites, plastics, metals), molds, valves, machined precision parts, die handling tools, bonding and vacuum tip tools.


Silicon based

Improved adhesion

Coating thickness ranges from 0.2 - 3 µ

Low porosity levels

Coating Materials:

Ceramics: alumina, silica, chrome oxide, silicon nitride, aluminum nitride, titanium oxide, tungsten carbide and others.

Metals: tantalum, titanium, nickel, chrome, zirconium, palladium, gold and silver


Our Technical Experts will be pleased to support you with customized solutions for specific applications.

MPP Thin Film Coatings
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